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The most advanced math practice platform for K12 students
  • - Simple gestures to solve step-by-step as you would on paper
  • - Sensory learning experience with touch and visual cues
  • - Help at hand with hints when you are stuck
  • - Instant feeback when you go wrong
  • - Problem set specially tailored for you
  • - Detailed reports with concept level ratings

Algebra on Nudge app

An awesome app to practice, learn and master linear equations

Enjoy the unique personal tutor experience while solving problems

Ideal for grades 6 to 9

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Nudge Platform

Designed to support all K12 Math topics

Interactivity Framework

  • - Intuitive gestures for each step of the solution
  • - Interactions that best suit a given topic
  • - Visual cues designed to reinforce concepts
  • - Worked out solutions to look like hand-written answers

Math engine

  • - Track the user’s solution at each step
  • - Error determination and categorization
  • - Hints based on the user’s solution till that point
  • - Metrics that include concept level feedback

Nudge Platform

  • - No restrictions on level of complexity of problems
  • - Content agnostic, can be used with any set of problems


The Nudge Platform Experience for different topics

Geometry on Nudge

  • - Proofs in statement-reason format
  • - Finding angles/length with justifications
  • - Constructions with steps

Word Problems on Nudge

  • - Ratio & proportion
  • - Simple & compound interests
  • - Percentage
  • - Time, distance & work
  • - Profit and loss
  • - Linear equations

Trignometry on Nudge

  • - Problems based on right triangles
  • - Proofs of trigonometric identities
  • - Inverse trigonometric functions

For Partners

Nudge platform offerings for partners

  • Nudge for Schools and Coaching Centers

    Teachers submit problems to Nudge. Students login for tests and assignments. Teachers receive individual feedback for each student and comprehensive reports.

    • - Tailored assignments for each student
    • - Optimal handholding for students
    • - Zero effort for evaluation
  • Nudge for Online Learning Platforms

    Students log in to partner app. Learn concepts using partner content. For practice problems, students are seamlessly taken to the nudge platform. Suitable metrics are fed back to the parent app.

    • - The perfect complement to concept instructions
    • - A chance to move away from multiple choice questions
    • - Increased engagement of users on the partner solutions
  • Nudge for Book Publishers

    End of chapter problems are fed into Nudge. A companion app is made available to the students buying the book.Students receive guided support for solving the problems.

    • - An alternative to solution books
    • - Guided problem solving can be a differentiator
    • - New options for revenue models

The Nudge Team


Cofounder & Developer

  • - Masters in Communications Engineering (IISc Bangalore)
  • - 17+ years experience in software development
  • - Has done a course on child psychology
  • - Has filed 9 patents at the US PTO in video technology


Cofounder & Developer

  • - Masters in Computer Science Engineering (IIT Madras)
  • - 13+ years experience in software development
  • - Has developed a suite of Android Keyboard Apps for Indian languages (Sparsh) that has over 1.6 million downloads.

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